The best remedy in vedic astrology is to shift your awareness to what you want.

We are pure awareness traveling through different areas of the mind.

Think of the human mind as a big field which is divided into several chunks all representing different aspects. For instance, one area could be happiness, other could be sad, another could be hungry, sex, anxiety, sleep and so on. These are all different areas in the mind.

When we put our awareness towards any area that part in us gets activated. So, if you are hungry your mind is telling you to put your awareness towards feeding your hunger. That’s where you will likely invest your energy as well. If you are awareness is towards the part of mind which is anxious you will spend your energy in that area. You would think about that one thing constantly.

It’s simple. Wherever our awareness goes in the mind, we invest our energy in that area.

Human mind

The legendary scientist said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. What did he wanted to say here? Let’s try and understand.

Everything is energy. Everything. The phone you use has certain energy, the laptop you use has energy, the bed you sleep has certain energy, the people you engage with have different energies, the car you drive has energy, the walls in your home to the garbage that you throw everyday…all have different energies.

Energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Frequency helps assessing all kinds of energies. It serves a purpose of being able to differentiate one kind of energy from another. We all have listened to radio some or the other time in our lives. We would keep rotating the switch until we get a clear sound ignoring all frequencies where we get an unclear or no sound.

Our lives are no different. We all dial in a new frequency every day when we meet a new person or interact with any object. The question is how dialed in are you with that frequency. Match the frequency of what you want in your life by putting your awareness (energy) in the area of life that you want.

Think about your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood star. Actors and Actresses

Imagine if you get a chance to play your favorite actor or actress. Just think how will you prepare. What will you do to be like them? You would find anything and everything about them and try to walk, talk, behave, eat, drink like them. Wouldn’t you?

Pause and think again about this statement. You are pure awareness travelling through different areas of the mind.

When you started thinking about your favorite star, your awareness shifted to the part of the brain that controls our imagination. Your energy obviously went in trying to dig everything about your favorite star.

This small exercise proves you can actually control what you do in life if you are aware where your energy goes.

The key is discipline and reminding yourself that wherever you put in energy, that area will grow (positive or negative).

How is this an astrology remedy?

By focusing your awareness at a specific area in the mind you can achieve what you want. This is a preventive remedy. All other astrology remedies have a place surely but those are given after the event has occurred (mostly). That’s why this remedy is in my view the master remedy of all the remedies.

This remedy would help you get focused in life. You would control what you want and what you don’t in life. The area where this remedy has limitations is physical health.

In the Vedic culture, meditation, yoga, bhakti, sadhana etc were not things people did if they had time. It was a way of life. We have disconnected from our vedic roots. Today, science has advanced and there are numerous studies on understanding consciousness, the human mind. Many people today practice yoga and different meditations to stay healthy.


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