Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is a divine subject. Do you want to be a Vedic Astrologer?

I feel very proud that I am practicing something that has existed for several thousands of years and practiced by ancient Rishis and Gurus. I consider myself highly privileged to be a Jyotish student learning what those great Rishis used to practice.

Jyotish is based on the theory of Karma. Every action has a consequence. Every cause has an effect. As an Astrologer, when I read anyone’s birth chart I am basically dealing with the Karmas of the person who has posed faith in me.

While, I am not going to be performing the karmas on behalf of that person however, I am aware that I dealing with someone’s life and it is a very serious thing.

What you say as an Astrologer to the client is very important while reading their horoscope.

Let’s take a simple example. When children are young the elders in the home teach the children about good values and manners. When the child becomes an adult and turns successful they attribute their success to good values imparted by their parents.

Jyotish is no different. As a Jyotish student you must know what are good values and manners. One of the most important things before anyone decides to learn Jyotish is if they have spiritual integrity. The other is intention.

Let me shed more light on these two aspects.



I started learning Jyotish because I felt the need to help others. If you start with a feeling of helping others through the divine medium of Jyotish/Astrology that’s a sustaining intention.

There are moments in life where we feel helpless and beaten. The great Lyricist Gulzar in an interview told a Journalist “You need to be in pain and feel pain to write painful songs” which we all so lovingly admire. So, if you decide to learn Astrology at a time when the pain in life is so much that you seek outside for a solution that is a great reason to learn astrology.

Devotion is yet another big trait I personally look for in selecting my Astrology students. When I say devotion I mean devotion towards Jyotish or Astrology and not me. It’s my belief that when we give too much respect or respect beyond description to anything it comes to us automatically.

High level of commitment is needed when you decide to learn Jyotish. A certain level of seriousness and discipline is required before studying Jyotish. My first student who manages a company of 200 people has been the most committed student and also highly devoted towards Jyotish. I ended up teaching for over 20 hours in the initial 3 classes to her. Such was her appetite to learn.

If you have appreciation and respect for the invisible and mysterious things in life Jyotish will speak to you. A large part of decoding a horoscope is the invisible message that you as an Astrologer must communicate to the client while reading a birth chart. There are end number of things you could say to the client but somehow you end up saying things that resonate with the client. What’s that? Blessing from the ‘invisible’.

Spiritual integrity

Simply put, it is the moral compass within us which guides us to take actions. An Astrologer must know what aspects we should share with the client and what not to share.

There are few things that are very common.

Many people are curious to learn when they would die. I never answer that question. No Astrologer should. We are all mortal beings and it must not be anyone’s job to tell others when will they take their last breath.

Fear mongering brings bad karma to Astrologers. If you have a tendency to say negative things while reading a chart and create fear in the minds of your clients that is of no use. Shed light, not darkness.

The remedies that an Astrologer suggest should not break the back of its clients. The best remedies are often sourced directly from the nature or kitchen. That’s always been my intention but there are cases where some travel and money may be associated.

Those with a weak Moon in birth horoscope are usually the people who will get impacted negatively if you share a negative prediction. Please be careful in saying anything negative to such clients.

It’s one of my rules. I avoid sharing any negative predictions with my clients. If I have to share anything which has negative connotations, I always explain and comfort them more than I usually would.

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