Astrology means light. Read on

In true sense, as an Astrologer my job is to bring light in the lives of people I engage with. Why light? In Hindi, Astrology is called as Jyotish.

The word ‘Jyotish’ comes from the word ’Jyoti’ meaning ’light’.

The reference to light here is very important to understand. When Sun rises in the east it illumines the dark sky. The first sun ray that emanates from the Sun brings light.

When you switch on the light of your room you are able to see everything in the room. Your bed, the walls, clock, chairs, sofa, windows and even sense the odor of the room. What does all this mean? It means that you are aware.

The moment you switched on the light in the room you became aware of your room. The appearance, the things inside it, ambiance, odor of the room etc.

‘Awareness’ is the first step towards self-betterment. If you are an aware person you are conscious of your choices and decisions. By being aware you ensure that the frequency at which you vibrate is in consonance with the universe.

When you are able to increase the awareness levels there are certain benefits that come along with it. The ability to comprehend and perceive everything increases tremendously. For those, who understand this would appreciate how big a thing it is in life to be able to comprehend and perceive things the way they should be.

Since we all are different and come with many views and biases the way we understand and perceive are naturally different. But there is one state of mind which is neutral. That stage is when you look at things for what they are, nothing more, nothing less.

When we look at things for what they are we don’t see the good or bad in them.

As an Astrologer, my endeavor is to bring light in the lives of everyone I get in touch with. The growth you experience within also spreads to others around you in a positive way. Below, you can see the process I follow in my guidance.

It starts with Light which leads to awareness which increases the ability to comprehend and perceive things ultimately leading to higher consciousness. My predictions and guidance is based on one simple principle: Follow light.

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