Iron in astrology is Saturn. Simply put, if you have junk iron at home it is affecting your Saturn in a negative way. Things may move slowly in the house and since Saturn is cold and dense the negative energies stay for longer.

At this point, I succesfully established a link between energy and astrology by finding a connection between iron with Saturn. So, I knew I was on to something.

Today, when I look at any Vedic astrology charts, I see these planets, zodiac signs, houses in kundali and Nakshatras as fields of energy. There is no good or bad planet, no good or bad Nakshatra. It’s the astrologer or the person reading it who sees it either good, bad or whatever form.

I approach astrology with a spiritual approach and instead of calling a planet or Nakshatra bad I look at what it wants to do and find its application in the concerned person’s chart.

If you are keen on learning about Nakshtras or basic astrology, you can enrol in the course of your liking. I am also doing Nakshatra reading where I will be looking at your issues and problems with a microscopic view.

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