We all dream when we sleep. Some of us dream more than usual. These dreams hold meaning and a message,

The great psychic Edgar Cayce believed in his dreams and demonstrated to the world how he could interpret so many events about the people with accuracy just by dreaming about them. This is one of the most quoted line from Edgar Cayce “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”,

After meeting several clients who have had a history of repetitive dreams I wanted to check what is the reason for their dreams. Some of them were disturbing and affecting their personal life. That’s when I first started interpreting dreams through birth chart.

In Jyotish, 12th house in the house of dreams. So, when I analyse the birth chart with respect to dreams I check the 12th house as well as the transits to get the right picture.

If you have been intrigued, fascinated or troubled by your dreams and want to know what your dreams really mean you can now easily order the “Dream analysis” consultation. When you place an order you will share your birth details: date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. We will arrange a skype call within 24 hours at a convenient time to discuss your dreams.

Note: If possible, note the time when the dream occur. 



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