Basic Vedic Astrology Program (Fast track)


Learn basics of Vedic Astrology in 12 classes covered in 45 days and taught twice a week. These are individual classes geared to help you understand the 12 houses, 12 signs, 9 planets and their interaction together in jet speed. As your course facilitator and Teacher, I will use your birth chart to explain all placements.

You will be able to read birth charts and upon successful completion, you will be given a certificate of completion.



The fast track Vedic Astrology program is designed for people who already have knowledge about basic principles of Jyotisha but need a deeper understanding. As your course facilitator and teacher, my job will be to help you understand yourself better by deconstructing your birth chart. Once you have confidence in understanding your own birth chart that’s when you would start understanding other birth charts.

In a nutshell we will be covering the following:

  • Houses: 2 classes
  • Signs: 2 classes
  • Planets: 2 classes
  • Conjunctions: 1 class
  • Aspects: 1 class
  • Lordships: 4 classes
  • Celebrity/Family birth charts: 2 bonus classes to put everything to practice

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Cast a North Indian birth chart yourself
  • Know the meaning of all placements in the birth chart
  • Understand yourself, family and others better
  • Read birth chart with confidence

Upon completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Medium: Online class

Class duration: 3 hours

Course duration: 1.5 months or 45 days (12 classes + 2 bonus classes)


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