Nakshatra Program – 1 year

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Learn about 27 Nakshatras online. Individual classes.

If you want to learn how someone behaves the way they do, if you long to know yourself in a deeper way, if you are interested in Indian mythology. if you take genuine interest in understanding vedic astrology but wish you knew someone who could guide you towards right knowledge and take you deep in it, if you want to learn to predict a birth chart correctly, the nakshatra course is for you.

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If you want to learn how someone behaves the way they do

If you long to know yourself in a deeper way

If you are interested in Indian mythology

If you take genuine interest in understanding vedic astrology but wish you knew someone who could guide you towards right knowledge and take you deep in it

If you want to learn to predict a birth chart correctly

The Nakshatra course is for you.



Delivery: Online via skype

Duration: 1 year

Time: Once a week. Each class is 3-4 hours long


Course content

Basic Astrology brush up: Houses, Zodiac Signs, Planets, Dignity, Aspects, Conjunctions, Lordships, How to read a chart.

Introduction to Nakshatras: 27 or 28?, What are they?, What is Pada?, Significance & practical use of Nakshatras in daily life

Deities associated with each Nakshatra: Learn how learning about a God can help you understand Naakshatras.

Nature + Animals: Gain a wider perspective of Nakshatras through understanding animals & Nature.

Planets in Houses + influence on Nakshatras: Learn to read how Planets in a certain house interact with Nakshatras.

Nakshatras and 4 Elements. Learn how to use the 4 elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) with Nakshatras.

Learn in depth about: Meaning & etymology of Nakshatra, Symbol, Shakti, Astronomy, Caste, Gender, Direction, Activities, Lunar month, Classification, Orientation & Disposition, Mantra, Planetary ruler, Padas + Pada ruler, Sign ruler etc

New Knowledge: You will get access to new insights I gathered on Nakshatras by investing over thousand hours

Example Charts: You will be using birth charts of celebrities etc to put your Nakshatra knowledge to use. This is the phase where you will truly realize the relevance & importance of knowing basic vedic astrology.

Nakshatra Journal: It’s a record of journal based on certain parameters that you will make. Details in first class.


What will you gain from the Nakshatra Course?

  1. You will learn how to read and analyse birth chart using Nakshatras.
  2. You will learn how Planets and Nakshatras react together in a vedic astrology chart
  3. You will finally understand what Nakshatra Padas are & how to use them in birth chart.
  4. You will learn about specific insights which can only be known if you know about Nakshatras. For example, Chitra Nakshatra natives have a habit of waking up in the night between 3-4 AM. You can’t know this information if you just study what Virgo zodiac sign means.
  5. Learning by Doing. My home assignments are fun & classes filled with deep knowledge. You will be filling up a few diaries. So, head to the stationary and invest in good diaries.
  6. Just like me, you will develop a deep respect for animals, birds, fishes, nature etc. That simple means, by the time you finish the course, not only will you be equipped with greater understanding of Nakshatras but you will know several animals, birds, fishes and their behavior in depth & their connection to Nakshatras.
  7. I turned spiritual after learning about Nakshatras. It helped me understand myself in a deeper way which led me towards an internal journey so deep that I wish you have the same experience.
  8. You will eventually realize that everything is indeed energy. If you understand this thing you would never ask why he/she is like that or why am I like this. Two things will happen if you do realize this: Compassion for others & Self love.
  9. A certificate declaring that you are King/Queen of Nakshatras.


What do I expect from you?

  1. Genuine desire to learn Vedic astrology
  2. Devotion towards the divine subject
  3. Your complete attention
  4. Do homework periodically

1 review for Nakshatra Program – 1 year

  1. Kritika

    I have known Divye since many years now. But his true teachings became evident, only in the recent past. A couple of months ago I took his Nakshatra classes. The way Divye explains, replete with your own life examples, touches a nerve. This course has changed my life. I was able to face some of my deepest and darkest fears, all because of the course and the manner in which he imparts his teachings. He never minces his words, which is a rarity in today’s complex world. Trust him. Speak your truth, no matter how ugly. And watch the magic unfold. Forever grateful…All my best!

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