Vedic Astrology for Seekers: 18 months Program


This is a 18 months program designed for people who by nature are seekers, who want to understand Vedic Astrology in a comprehensive way. You will learn about the basics (houses, zodiac signs and planets), divisional charts, Nakshatras and a whole lot of wisdom preached in Upanishads and Vedas.

Treat this course as a way in to your inner self. It carries the seeds of transformation.


This course is divided in 3 parts.
A. Foundation
First, you will learn the basics of Vedic astrology. Merely knowing that 4th house is happiness isn’t enough. What is happiness? Merely knowing that 4th house is home isn’t enough. What is a home really? 4 walls with people? That’s also a prison cell.
You will get a very deep understanding of the 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs & 9 planets. At every step, I will be using your birth chart to showcase how planets in a certain sign in a certain house work so that you truly understand. We will also cover aspects, conjunctions and understand Lordships. Plus, I will be teaching you how to time events with a special technique I use in my daily practice to predict.
B. Nakshatras
You will fall in love with 27 Nakshatras because of their precision and accuracy. Think of them as real entities breathing cosmic air & exhaling energies. All these energies are different. So, each section of the space produces different vibration (energy). Each Nakshatra has 4 padas (divisions). That makes it 108 sections in the space. At the time of your birth, planets were in either of those 108 sections of the space. That’s why each planet has it’s Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is in a certain pada means that the energy is stored in a specific section of the sky. My job during this course will be to help you nail what that means for you.
We will cover mythologies connected with each Nakshatra, learn about fixed stars, astronomy, study about birds, animals, trees linked with each Nakshatra and learn about the deities of all Nakshatras. We will also be studying celebrities’ birth charts to understand each Nakshatra. You will learn to use Nakshatras to make predictions in a birth chart.
C. Research
After having covered the basics and Nakshatras, we will study birth charts of celebrities for 2 months. All students are required to study birth charts of 10 celebrities intensely and present in each class. This is where you put all the knowledge that you have accumulated to right use.
Here is what this course will do for you:
  • Inner transformation: If you have paid attention to my teaching style on Instagram (Sahasra jyoti) you would know that I go way beyond the house, planets & the sign to teach about things in life that matter. Where does that come from? From my inner desire to know myself in the highest possible way there is. That’s what I share with everyone. With all my students. Hence, this isn’t just going to a course. You will change from within ie if you truly truly want that.
  • Compassion: Why do some people do things in a particular way? Why do people react differently? Why is it that you understand something so well but others don’t? These kind of questions do pop up in our head. If there is one thing I can tell you from my personal experience of practicing Vedic Astrology over the years is that I learnt tp develop great compassion for others even if they annoyed or angered me. You learn to see why someone is they way they are. Deep acceptance. Humbleness. Humility. Care. That’s where I reached. I hope you do too.
  • Everything is Energy: The part that will differentiate you from many others practicing Vedic astrology is that by the end of the course you would have a deep realization that all the planets, Nakshatras etc are energies, different flavors of spices. Knowing how to use them is what this course will help you do. Example: Mars in 6th house. 6th house is obstacles & competition. Mars is energy & competitive streak within us. So, Mars in 6th house has a lot of energy to invest. It could fight like a lion. Instead of trying to tell the person not to fight why can’t we tell the person to put their competitive streak & fighting ability in winning a sports competition, a debate or winning a case for the needy as Lawyer? That’s using the energy right.
  • Reading Birth Chart: You will learn to read the birth chart & see many things about the person by the end of the course. How they think, how their relationships are, what values are they driven by, the kind of family life they have, how do they parent their kids, do they have stability in life? Will you be able to predict birth charts? That depends on how much you are willing to burn yourself to learn this.
  • Understanding the mind: Most of what I do during my classes is training the mind of my students. It’s the part about my practice that I take special interest in. I will also help you understand your thoughts, the way you think and show you the power of human mind & that anything can be done if you understand how you think. Can we see that in a birth chart? Yes, I will teach you exactly that.


Delivery: Taught online. Lectures emailed before class.

Duration: 1 year & 6 months

Time: Twice a week. 3-4 hours long

Fee: Installment plans available (please email: [email protected] or message me on Instagram: Sahasra Jyoti)


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