Know Your Nakshatras

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If you wish to learn about Nakshatras and also understand your birth chart deeply this program is for you.


If you are curious to understand yourself without having to study the technical nuances of reading a birth chart you are at the right place.
Know your Nakshatras is a program designed for folks who don’t wish to invest a long time learning Vedic Astrology but still want to dive deep into the world of Nakshatras.
These are a set of 10 classes designed to impart detail knowledge about Nakshatras in your birth chart taught once a week individually on Zoom. The duration of this program is 2.5 months where each class is between 3 hours long.
Who can join this program?
Anyone. You do not need any prior knowledge whatsoever to be a part of this program.
Why take this program?
  1. Understanding of Nakshatras: You would end up learning about Nakshatras in your birth chart and how they impact your life directly. When you study them you would notice how the traits of Nakshatras directly reflect in your life. As your guide, I will make this process of observation and discovery simple for you.
  2. Self awareness: By the end of this program, you will have a much deeper understanding about your life especially about issues that have been on your mind, things which you haven’t spoken about with anyone.
  3. Emotional healing: Participants who took this course have felt emotionally light after having shared things they kept within from everyone.  These are often those big rocks that you carry with yourself which prevents you to show love or open up. My job is to find these blockages and address them in a kind and affable manner
  4. Clarity in life: If you have been struggling to understand what you should do in life or your purpose in life these 10 classes will give you a much needed clarity.

1 review for Know Your Nakshatras

  1. Aline

    This course allowed me to have clarity about my life.
    Studying each nakshatra helped me to see some characteristics that I have, make a rescue of my history and realize what I can do best for my future.
    I could see myself by each nakshatra in a deep level.

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