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My first phone/skype call with clients last for over 2 hours.

Get a comprehensive analysis of your birth chart. The consultation includes a phone/skype call based on mutual agreed time between you, the client and myself.

NOTE: Please email me before placing an order or message me on instagram @sahasra_jyoti.

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Get a comprehensive analysis of your birth chart with the help of vedic astrology consultation. The consultation includes a phone/skype call and a pdf report which contains important details pertaining to your birth chart. My first phone/skype call with clients last for over 2 hours. It’s because I put in effort to talk about the things in your chart that truly matter.

The areas covered in a typical vedic astrology consultation are:
Personality – Nature, character, emotional satisfaction.
Relationship – Finding spouse, Don’t get along with partner, sex life, cheating partner, marriage.
Money – When will I be wealthy?, financial crunch.
Travel – Travelling and settling abroad.
Health – Anxiety, depression, deep rooted pain, physical ailment/disease.
Career – Business vs work, problems at work, when will I get new job or raise in salary?
Children – When will I have kids?, How will they be?, raising naughty kids
Deep questions – What’s my purpose in life?, why am I born? Why no one understands me? Are you in a situation where anything you do doesn’t work? Why do I feel alone?
Remedies – I will suggest remedies for your problems.

Why should you place your trust in me?
Spiritual approach – Astrology in Sanskrit is called ‘Jyotisha’. ‘Jyotisha’ comes from the word ‘Jyoti’ meaning ‘light’. Therefore, a job of an Astrologer is to bring light in the lives of people. That’s what I always try to do. ‘Light’ here is a reference to ‘awareness’ which is s stepping stone towards raising consciousness level.
Like a friend – I talk to all my clients as if they are friends. It’s easy for clients to rely on me as I don’t judge them.
Safe and highly professional – Your personal details will stay with me. I maintain strict discipline and professionalism in keeping things to myself.

Medium– Skype call/Phone call
Duration– Talk as long as you wish

4 reviews for Vedic Astrology Consultation

  1. Manjot Kaur

    I am really greatly intrigued by the depth of Divye sir’s profound knowledge on jyotisha.. And mesmerized by the way he delves deep into clients’ details to solve all the concerns, problems and doubts in mind,in such an affable manner… I was amazed with the minutest details he can decipher just by analyzing the chart,planets and nakshatras !! Also, his consultation style is soo unique I must say…!!
    Just Wonderous! 😃😃👍🏻👍🏻 5+ stars for sure 💫😇😇💫

  2. Bikash Dash

    Divye Sir truly lives Jyotish. Its just a journey of self discovery with him, and he epitomize the love of a true guide, being all present there with the native through out the session. I seldom have seen someone giving so much time and delving such deep into us. His intuitive prowess leaves us enthralled, as his knack of presentation of our true purpose of life. I really find a true guide & friend in him, who take me out of my own complex situation, made me understand the intricacies of my karmic knots, and gave practical & effective solutions for taking the life ahead. I would like to be in connection always. 🙂 🙂

  3. Bidwan Dash

    I was bewildered in the Session with Divye sir, as with such accuracy he shown my life being intertwined with my Grandfather. Its such a life changing experience where I understood my true strengths and weaknesses. He helped me channelize my energy to the true purpose I have. Deeply grateful to sir.

  4. Benny Ambrose

    My session with Divye was my first jyotish reading, and he did not disappoint. His session reached deeper than just planets, but to the karma and the ancestral cycles. The accuracy of his prediction of my father was insightful. HE also showed me how to go within and be present, and not seek scripture after scripture but use what I know and keep it simple. He is a very kind individual and his session brought me much peace and clarity that cant have a price on it. I will definitely have future sessions. Many blessings!!

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